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Rap Vacation Presents A Non Plus Ultra X-Mas Special

Los Angeles, 23.12.21

Label head Michael Lundy explores Rap Vacation’s experimental influences, with guests and exclusive cuts from the thriving LA beat scene.


  • Paul Brady 
    Arthur McBride
  • Troy Hess 
    Christmas On The Moon
  • Jon Anderson 
    Three Ships
  • Enya 
    O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
  • Norris The Troubadour
    Christmastime Philosophy
  • The Kinks 
    Father Christmas
  • Ranma 1/2
    A Pure And Honest Christmas
  • Little Isidor And The Inquistors
    Christmas Of Love
  • Auge Rios
    Ol/ Fatso
  • Louis Armstrong, The Benny Carter Orchestra 
    Christmas Night In Harlem
  • Bobby Helms 
    Captain Santa Claus (And His Reindeer Space Patrol)
  • The Beach Boys 
    Auld Lang Syne
  • The Chipmunks, David Seville 
    The Chipmunk Song
  • Infinite Body 
    What They Wanted To Be Was Useless
  • The Chipmunks, David Seville 
    The Chipmunk Song
  • Carrie Fisher
    Happy Life Day
  • The Wonderful World Of Joey
    What Sweet Child Of Mine Is This?
  • Kate Bush (John Barrett, Kate Bush mix) 
    December Will Be Magic Again
  • Joe Meek, The Blue Men 
    Valley Of No Return
  • Darlene Love 
    All Alone On Christmas
  • Debbie & The Darnels, The Passengers 
    Santa, Teach Me To Dance
  • Sleep Diet
  • The Penguins 
    A Christmas Prayer
  • Videocraft Chorus W/ Spooky Tavi
    The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year
  • Dolly Parton 
    Hard Candy Christmas
  • Non Plus Ultra
    Winter Greeting
    Under The Water
  • Bill Chevsky
    Blue Christmas Bill
  • Deux Nomiz
    Miami Luv
  • Dependable Son
  • Spooky Tavi
    Lost In Space
  • Wam Dingis
    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
    The Head Of Sales And Marketing In His Grand, Walled Garden
  • Spaceface And Labrys
    Nicky (Holiday Song)
  • Dream Crease
  • Ghost Coast 
    FOrest Mountain Spaceport / Domestead's Return
  • Non Plus Ultra
    Silent Night