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From humble beginnings at NYC house parties over 50 years ago, rap music has become a global phenomenon - its imprint on the sonics of pop music, fashion, language, and culture at large is immeasurable.

Join us on a trip around a rap-obsessed world, stopping off at selected hot local scenes, meeting some rising stars, and learning about overlooked histories through a blend of mixes, radio shows, videos and interviews.

Other episodes include Paris Aden interviewing Houston strippers on the best new rap, Antconstantino and special guest MCs from the Brazilian rap scene, a Korean rap special from Y2K92’s Jibin, a whistle-stop tour of the newest US rap compiled by EvilGiane, a guest appearance by Nigerian MC Aunty Rayzor, Maiba Taya, a showcase of Filipino rap, and tons more.

RAPMANIA follows on from previous NTS series including Guitar World, Japanese Jazz Week and Women of British Reggae to name a few.