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Rare Species w/ Tommaso Cappellato

Los Angeles, 06.11.23

Domanda Music is a music label exploring soulful jazz and avant-garde sounds fused with electronic hybridization, focusing on Italian artists with a special attention to empowering women with a very distinctive output and poetics. Founded in Los Angeles, June 2021.


  • 0:00:08
    Collettivo Immaginario
    Tempo Al Tempo
  • 0:06:24
    Tommaso Cappellato 
    April In Parrish
  • 0:12:25
    Rosa Brunello 
  • Alessia Obino 
    Thursday Surrender
  • Tommaso Cappellato
    The Elite (Feat. Jaimie Branch & Val Jeanty)
  • Rosa Brunello 
    Traffic Jam Dance
  • Collettivo Immaginario
  • Alessia Obino 
    Somebody Else's Idea / The Soul Vibrations Of Man
  • Rosa Brunello 
    Desert Moon Stomp