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Rave Reparations Radio w/ Alima Lee

Los Angeles, 10.09.20

After years of underwhelming dance floors and sadness at the disinheritance of blackness from techno and house music especially on the LA scene, we’ve begun a social experiment, coalition, cloud formation; entitled “rave reparations”. The initiative aims to help build relationships between local black DJs, specifically queer / femme / bipoc and house/techno promoters who are largely not of these communities. We also call on support from these lesser marginalized bodies in conscripting venues and fiscal support for parties thrown by the aforementioned groups.


  • LTJ Bukem 
    Atmospherical Jubilancy
  • Tygapaw
    Scene 2 Not Yours To Define
  • Leviticus
    The Burial
  • Bored Lord
    Do Not Let Her Go
  • Bapari
    Can You Keep Up Edit
  • Bored Lord
    Something I Was Not
  • Bonaventure
    God Bless
  • Dreamcrusher 
  • Tygapaw
    Scene 3 My Gender Is Black
    Please Make Love To Me
  • Bapari
    Only U Edit
  • Ase Manual
    Eat It Up
  • Lyzza
    No Love
  • Eartheater
  • Kemistry & Storm
    Dreamscape 19 (Live Set) 5/27/1995