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Recurring Dream

Melbourne, 15.10.20

Every month, a Recurring Dream - from Sanpo Disco's Rowan Mason.


  • Aine O’Dwyer
    The Little Lord Of Misrule
  • Theodore Cale Schafer 
    Gold Chain
  • Bahia Mansa
    Lo Recurrente En El Mar
  • Jacki Apple
    Mexican Tapes Pt 1
  • Arv & Miljö 
    Hjärteregn, rinn oförmärkt
  • Labradford 
    Soft Return
  • Lightning In A Twilight Hour 
    The Munich Post
  • White Poppy 
    Sedation Song
  • Durutti Column 
    I Get Along Without You Very Well
  • National Jazz Trio Of Scotland
    Far From You
  • Sui Zhen
    Trees & Flowers (Strawberry Switchblade Cover)
  • Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
    Conversation With Myself 1
  • Like A Villain
    What’s Happening To Me
  • Pulsāvī 
    FM Ocean
  • April Magazine 
    Honey Bee