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Recurring Dream

Melbourne, 24.06.20

Every month, a Recurring Dream - from Sanpo Disco's Rowan Mason.


  • Transient Waves 
  • Transient Waves 
    Rest For The Weary
  • Labradford 
  • Mazzy Star 
    So Tonight That I Might See (Ascension Version)
  • Opal 
    Grains Of Sand
  • Fairport Conventions
    Sun Shade
  • Loopsel
    Vad Vil Du
  • Livia Charman
  • Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic 
    Take It As It Comes
  • Verlaines
    Wind Song
  • Kendra Smith 
    Stars Are In Your Eyes
  • Kevin Ayers
    The One Chance Dance
  • Black Sabbath 
    Planet Caravan
  • Yatha Sidra 
    A Meditation Mass Pt 1