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Reimagining Country w/ Jamal Khadar & Dusty Stray

Amsterdam, 13.11.23

Approaching the 60th anniversary, Jamal and Texan musician Dusty Stray sift through a stack of hastily recorded, occasionally beautiful, often bizarre country and blues songs about the JFK assassination.


  • 0:00:00
    Leamon Allen Jr.
    The Ballad Of John F. Kennedy
  • 0:01:50
    Jimmy Brown
    He Was Loved By All the People
  • 0:06:52
    Uncle Dave Macon 
    Way Down The Old Plank Road
  • Wilmer Watts, The Lonely Eagles
    Sleepy Desert
  • Dusty Stray, Lincoln Logs
    Winter's Day (Live)
  • Billy Stone
    Assassination Of JFK
  • Hasil Adkins 
    Memories Of Kennedy
  • Buddy Starcher 
    History Repeats Itself
  • Red River Dave 
    The Ballad Of The Alamo
  • Fannie And James Brewer
    When We Got The Message
  • Otis Span
    Sad Day In Texas
  • Mary Ross 
    President Kennedy Gave His Life
  • Jr
    Keep A Workin Big Jim
  • Homer Henderson & The Dalworthington Garden Boys 
    Lee Harvey Was A Friend Of Mine
  • Dusty Stray 
    Winter's Day
  • Dusty Stray
    Happiness Strikes