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Reimagining Country w/ Bobbie, Bill C. Malone & Jamal Khadar

Amsterdam, 16.10.23

Country Origins, The Great Depression and Prohibition Era Songs and African country music with Bill C. Malone, the father of country music history.


  • 0:00:40
    Fiddlin' John Carson 
    The Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane
  • 0:03:30
    A. C. (Eck) Robertson 
    Sallie Gooden
  • 0:08:20
    Ernest V. Stoneman 
    The Eastbound Train
  • Eck Robertson 
    Brilliancy Medley
  • Henry Thomas 
    Bull Doze Blues
  • Cliff Carlisle 
    Ash Can Blues
  • Jimmy Davis
    Saturday Night Stroll
  • The Dick Ncube Trio
    Susa Leyami Madoda
  • Sammy Ngaku
    Gwitu Ni Riabai
  • Montana Slim 
    I’m Hitting The Trail
  • Sammy Ngaku
    Mbira Ya Ndia Ruru
  • Blind Alfred Reed 
    How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live
  • James And Martha Carson 
    I'll Fly Away
  • Lead Belly 
    Take A Whiff On Me
  • Charlie Poole
    Take a Drink on Me
  • The Blue Sky Boys 
    Midnight Special
  • Mollie O’Day
    Poor Ellen Smith
  • Carl Sprague
    When The Work’s All Done This Fall
  • McGinty’s Oklahoma Cowboy’s Band
    Cowboy’s Dream
  • Gene Autry 
    The Death Of Jimmie Rodgers
  • Riders In The Sky 
    Buffalo Gals / Bear Creek Hop