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Reimagining Country w/ Jamal Khadar: Get Out Slave Drivers

Amsterdam, 22.06.24

Eclectic protest sounds from across the diaspora, with a hint of country.


  • Jackson Kaujeua
    Power To The People
  • Jackson Kaujeua
    Their Days Are Numbered
  • Dennis McGee 
    Happy One Step
  • Monwabisi
    Don’t Ever Give Up
  • Monwabisi
    Africa My Home
  • Omer Forster, Houston Daniel, The Highland Rim Boy
    Flowery Girls
  • Georgia Sea Island Singers, Ed Young, Bessie Jones
  • Ebenezer Calendar
    Nobody’s Business
  • Kankawa Nagarra
  • Coloured Stone 
    No More Boomerang
  • Mark A Hunter 
    Tropical Land
  • Jackson Kaujeua
    Give Me Back Namibia
  • Emma Ogosi
    Get Out Slave Drivers
  • Jess Sah Bi, Peter One 
    African Chant
  • Monwabisi
    Blowing Wind
  • Mississippi Fred McDowell, Mable Hillery
    Don’t Ever Leave Me
  • George Sibanda 
    I-I Thina Lapha Esishupekayo