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Return To Zero w/ SOCKETHEAD

Manchester, 31.10.20

Sockethead takes the RTZ reins and steers us into a wild collaged landscape. Expect slugged out drones splashed with heavy rhythms and field recordings.


  • Shamos 
    Rethink That Conclusion
  • Brassfoot 
    Retune & Runaway
  • Saturn V 
    Your Mind
  • Innyster
    Pleasurable Possession
  • Hoshina Anniversary 
  • Mutant Beat Dance 
    The Fear Of Future And Euphoria
  • Steven Julien 
  • Steve Pointdexter, Johnny Key, Trackmaster Scott
  • Hashina Anniversary
    Tokyo Geisutsu Sai
  • Mutant Beat Dance 
    Curtail Corporation
  • Shamos 
    No Face Control
  • Sockethead
    Sequence V
  • Beau Wanzer 
  • Metal Preyers 
    Slither Dripper
  • Brassfoot 
    Blame it on the Tame
  • Sean Hardonson 
  • Sockethead
    Bulldozers, Tanks And The Demolition Of Care
  • Lord Tusk
    Tell Me Ft. TYSON