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Bradley Zero Presents: Rhythm Section w/ DJ Ray

London, 06.09.23

Rhythm Section Radio was founded in 2009 and moved to NTS in 2012, and has since pulled out the stops breaking new music, promoting independent labels and paying homage to the greatest music from the past, through a perhaps unhealthy obsession with record digging.


  • Sam Goku
    Talking To The Wind
  • DJ Spence 
    Fan Needed
  • Los Goddard
    Space Nugz (Boulderhead Remix)
  • BFTT 
  • The Business 
    Droideka (LT's Galactic Expo)
  • DJ Fucci
  • Omar S
    PAIN (feat. King Milo)
  • Len Faki 
    Tor 8
  • Toma Kami
    Ritmo Actual
  • Hi Tech 
    Funny Fuckits
  • Boulderhead
    Sense Hyper
  • DJ Chrysalis, Regularfantasy 
    Life In Plastic (version 7 mix)
  • Plastikman 
    Spastik (Dubfire Rework)
  • Sexapil 
    Antiq Spell
  • DJ Fucci
    Misin (PT-2)
  • Nyra
    People Of The World
  • DJ Ray
    Guest Mix
  • Nia Peeples (Shep Pettibone mix) 
    Street Of Dreams (Shep Pettibone Moody Mix)
  • Eve Gallagher (Steve Anderson mix) 
    Love Is A Master Of Disguise (The Ten Worlds Edit)
  • Klaas, Londonbeat 
    I've Been Thinking About (Boulevard East Remix TV)
  • Will To Power (Hugo Dwyer, Justin Strauss mix) 
    Boogie Nights (Underground Mix)
  • Bianca 
    My Emotions (Emotional Trip Mix)
  • Otis Day & The Knights (Greg "Ski" Royal mix) 
    Something Dumb (House Dub)
  • Georgio (David Morales, Michael Hacker mix) 
    Bedrock (Dub A Dub A Doo Mix)
  • Leo
    Don’t Want You To Go (Komix Dub)
  • Amy Jackson 
    Let It Loose (Loose Club)
  • Secret Identity 
    Body To Body (Underground Mix)
  • Out Of Vision 
  • Jade Sessions 
    Night Music (Four-Ten)