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Ross Allen w/ Zach Witness

London, 10.09.20

With Ross Allen

Ross Allen knows all the tunes, and then he talks some to others that know. Dancefloor classics from the man and guests…


  • Trevor Powers
    Ghost’s Of Shanghai
  • Mary Lattimore
    Sometimes He’s In My Dream
  • Tame Impala 
    Is It True
  • Daniel Avery
    Lone Swordsman
  • Toshio Matsura
    Hello To The Wind (AZ’s Groove Dub)
  • The Strictly Jaz Unit
    Drum Major
  • Mondeé Oliver 
    Make Me Want You (Club Mix)
  • Liv.E
    Your The One Fish In The Sea
  • Jockstrap
    City Hell ($Tayla$ Club Mix)
  • Static
    2020 Vision N VV Mmm
  • Urelo Aka Takuya Sugimoto
    Mash & Dance
  • They Hate Change Feat DJ Screwface
    666 Central Ave
  • Digger & Mindstate
    Bon Jovi
  • Shine Head 
    Who The Cap Fit
  • Lord Infamous
    Scare Crow Melody
  • DJ Screw Feat Lil Keke
    Pimp The Pen
  • Gucci Mane
    I’m A Dog
  • Lil Yachty Feat Future
    Pardon Me
  • 645AR Feat FKA Twigs
    Sum Bout U
  • Spencer Kenney
    To You
  • Frank Leone
    Don’t Wait
  • Actress, Sampha
    Walking Flames
  • Dua Lipa, The Blessed Madonna (Gen Hoshino, Zach Witness mix) 
    Good In Bed (Zach Witness & Gen Hoshino Remixes)
  • Dua Lipa, The Blessed Madonna (Zach Witness mix) 
    Boys Will Be Boys (Zach Witness Remix)
  • Zach Witness
    Frankie & Levan
  • Madame X 
    Just That Type Of Girl
  • Bernadette Cooper 
    Believe In Us!