Ross Allen

London, 30.05.19

With Ross Allen

Ross Allen knows all the tunes, and then he talks some to others that know. Dancefloor classics from the man and guests…


  • George Winston
    For What It’s Worth -
  • Farai
    This Is England
  • slowthai
    Nothing Great About Britain
  • Brian Eno David Byrne America Is Waiting
    EG LP (From The Album My Life In A Bush Of Ghosts)
  • Chouk Bwa, The Ångstromers
    Electric Mambo (Pawol Jatibwa)
  • Hugh Mundell Let’s All Unite
    Greensleeves LP (From The Album Africa Must Be Free By 1983)
  • Sharon Little
    Mash Up Creation
  • Rug Dug Presents The Committee
    Sumrise (Mali-I Dub)
  • Rare Silk
  • Bernard Wright
    Who Do You Love
  • Kornell Kovacs
    Purple Skies
  • Yak
  • Lake People
  • Tyler The Creator
    What’s Good
  • Andrew Weatherall Presents Fort Beulah N.U.
    White 12”
  • Lana Del Rey
    Doin' Time
  • Arthur Adams ( F. Byron Clark mix )
    The Blues
  • Mac De Marco
    Choo Choo
  • Jean Knight
    Humpin To Please
  • Milt Matthews Inc.
    Gonna Spend My Life (Lovin' You) (Mono)
  • Erma Franklin
    Open Up Your Soul
  • Eldridge Holmes
    Where Is Love
  • Delores Ealy, The Roadrunners Band
    It's About Time I Made A Change
  • Joyce Cobb
    Lonesome Time In Memphis Town Tonight
  • Linda Jones
    I Can't Stop Lovin' My Baby
  • The Vontastics
    Never Let Your Love Grow Cold
  • The Rolling Stones
    Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
  • Freddy King
    Goin' Down
  • Ralph Weeks
    Let Me Do My Thing
  • Otis Lee
    Hard Roe To How
  • Lloyd Price
    The Chicken And The Bop

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