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RVNG Intl. Presents Friends & Fiends - Musicians for Palestine

New York, 09.12.21

This is a mix of musicians who joined the global letter of solidarity to protest the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, Palestine, last May. Musicians for Palestine was a grassroots response by musicians from around the world who refused silence in the face of the Israeli state's colonial military violence taking place that targeted the basic human rights of the Palestinian people. In the face of the war crimes taking place in Gaza, as have been well documented by both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, we collectively refused silence. This letter was a call and also an expression of love for justice and love for the Palestinian people and all oppressed people across the earth. This is a selection of tracks from some of the artists who signed our first letter in May and a couple who have joined this network since. Thank you for listening, love and respect.”

Stefan Christoff for Musicians for Palestine in Tiohti:áke / Montréal


  • Shalabi Quintet
    Vitrola Era (Nick Schofield Remix)
  • Büşra Kayıkçı
    Interlude I
  • Lyra Pramuk 
  • Nicolás Jaar
  • KMRU 
    Jinja Encounters
  • PJS 
    Meteor Shower
  • A Tribe Called Red 
    Electric Pow Wow Drum
  • Narcy
  • Secret Pyramid 
    A Descent
  • Bing & Ruth
    The How Of It Sped
  • Ÿuma (Sis mix) 
    Smek (Sis Remix)
  • Aya Metwalli
    Lugere (Excerpt)
  • Sam Shalabi