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Sacred Pools w/ Faso

London, 19.11.20

With October

Sacred Pools is a monthly show, rotating between DJ October, Faso and Toshiki Ohta. All three hosts showcase a varied and intriguing combination of music on the Sacred Pools show - from harshly metallic noise rock, unhinged post-punk, chillingly minimal synth, breakbeat rave and pervy wedding disco.


  • Carrageenan 
    Dirty Mouth
  • Daizon
    Blood Moon
  • Solitary Dancer 
    An Angel For Everyone
  • De-Bons-En-Pierre 
    Macholess Zone
  • Ploy 
    Pax Cultura
  • Serial Error
    Unter Den Helmen
  • Traxx 
    Bizarre Beat II (Multi-Mix)
  • Vangelis Katsoulis 
    Earth Beat
  • Coil 
    Theme From Blue II
  • Emma DJ 
  • Zonetech
    The Suspect
  • Polito 
    Seventh Limb
  • African Project 
    Ethno-Beat (Afro Version)
  • Ciao Fellini 
    Rita !!!! (The Caribbean House Drum Mix)
  • Transilvanian Galaxi 
  • J Velez 
    Ley Lines
  • Système
  • Koraal
    La Casa Del Volcán 9
  • Sankara Future Dub Resurgence
    Anarchist Africas (Dhangsha Beats And Vocals)
  • Poperttelli 
  • XqST 
  • Rodion, Mammarella (Tolouse Low Trax mix) 
    Inner Outer (Toulouse Low Trax Radient Walk Remix)
  • Ulla
    Something I Can’t Show
  • C.P.I. 
    Walking And Falling
  • Dennis Young 
    Spirit Of The Ages
  • Zeon Light
    Tropisk Hägring
  • Lena Platonos 
    Shadows Of Blood
  • URA 
    Fugue 02
  • Jimmy Murakawa 
  • Президиум
    Звёздный циферблат
  • Grace Jones
    The Crossing (Oh, The Action)