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Sacred Pools w/ FASO

London, 27.08.20

With October

Sacred Pools is a monthly show, rotating between DJ October, Faso and Toshiki Ohta. All three hosts showcase a varied and intriguing combination of music on the Sacred Pools show - from harshly metallic noise rock, unhinged post-punk, chillingly minimal synth, breakbeat rave and pervy wedding disco.


  • The Nervous Dj (Elbee Badd)
    Here We Go! Here We Go HearwehairweGo!
  • Plus Instruments 
    Don't Forget Me
  • Marcello Giordani
    TB X (Italo Deviance Disco Version)
  • Krikor Kouchian 
    Ninos Matadores
  • East Wall 
    Ice Of Fire
  • H.A.N.D. Valentine's Day 10"
  • Hysteric 
    Computer Wars
  • XOX 
  • Mori-Ra 
    Cross Calf Dance
  • Loud-E 
    Palaza Break
  • Maurice Fulton, Peggy Gou 
    One Itself
  • Zwischenfall 
  • Stephen Huss 
    Infinity Sign
  • Chas Jankel 
    3,000,000 Synths
  • Noise Abroad 
    Vent That Spleen
  • Artificial 
    Scanning Normal Speed
  • ASSS
    Side Male Nurses
  • Outtake
    Industriale (Shock Edit)
  • Doc Sleep & Glenn Astro
    Plover (Doc Sleep & Glenn Astro Rhythm Trax)
  • 4POTR 
    Find The Code (Conspiracy Re-mix)
  • Ali Berger
    2020.03.10 12:22PM
  • Scott Young 
    Pad Jacuzzi
  • Benoit B 
    Maxi Photokopy
  • Osamu Sato 
    Another Cosmology (Gamelan Mix)
  • Manasseh Presents Spectre
    Spectre Overseas (The Orb Remix)
  • Ross Alexander 
    Amazigh Rue - Toubkal Stepper Version
  • Black Meteoric Star 
    Three Trains
  • Bookworms 
  • L. Hortobágyi 
    Bali-Sí Gat
  • Sam Mallet 
  • Peter Van Garderen 
    Plants And Animals