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Sacred Pools w/ Toshiki Ohta

London, 13.02.20

With October

Sacred Pools is a monthly show, rotating between DJ October, Faso and Toshiki Ohta. All three hosts showcase a varied and intriguing combination of music on the Sacred Pools show - from harshly metallic noise rock, unhinged post-punk, chillingly minimal synth, breakbeat rave and pervy wedding disco.


  • Lobe
  • October
    Japanese Stinson (Nobu Remember Mashroom Remix)
  • Chris Carrier, Le Loup 
    Y Vision
  • Robotiko Rejekto 
    Confusion (Are U Mix)
  • Findus
  • Miharu Koshi 
    Scandal Night
  • Fango 
  • Dana 
    Bird Atop The World
  • Golden Bug 
    Cosmic Trigger
    The Siren (Losouls Hot Edit)
  • D.F.X. 
    Relax Your Body (Another Version)
  • Anne Clark 
    Our Darkness (Alternate Mix)
  • Two Of China 
    Los Niños Del Parque (Corrida-Mix)
  • Nitzer Ebb 
    Ascend (Pro-Gress Three Instrumental)
  • Phil Kieran, Douglas McCarthy 
    Fall Rise (Druggs Mix)
  • Luar Domatrix 
  • Powell 
    Sylvester Stallone
  • LOGIC1000 
  • Logtoad 
    Drill Beat
  • Like A Tim
  • Baby T 
    Acid Science
  • Megabeat 
    Jet Harris (Techno Dub)
  • Big Black
    I Could Be Killed
  • Big Black
    I Could Be Killed
  • Clark 
    Dirty Pixie
  • Special Request (Sully mix) 
    Vortex 164 (Sully Remix)
  • DJ Ayres Feat. GLC
    Got Me Gone (Instrumental)
  • Out Of Order 
    The Dark Sheep
  • Powell 
    The Ongoing Significance Of Steel And Flesh
  • Powell 
  • Radioactive Man 
    Go Ahead London
  • Satin Storm 
    Think I'm Going Out Of My Head
  • Neuromancer Of Structural Damage 
  • Euphony
  • Amazon II 
    Deep In The Jungle
  • Orca 
    Rain Of Drums
  • ELLS
    End Of The Nite
  • Lydia Kandou 
  • Novia Kolopaking 
    Kala Sang Surya Gemilang
  • Candra Darusman, Fariz RM 
    Dunia Di Batas Senja
  • Rafika Jurya
    Perma Indonesia
  • Marie Segers
  • Dani Mariana
    Inilah Indonesia
  • Lydia Imaniar
    Pharaha Cinta