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New York, 11.11.21

Autumn is mushroom season.

I am going to make a seasonal brown rice with three different kinds of mushrooms. It's so easy to make!


Brown Rice 1 cup

Shitake Mushroom 100 grams

Maitake Mushroom 100 grams

Shimeji Mushroom 100 grams

Dashi 2 Cups (Kelp, Bonito or Chicken Broth, whatever you like! )

(Sauce mix) Soy sauce 1 Tablespoon

Sake 1 Tablespoon

and a hint of salt

First, wash one cup of Brown rice w cold water

Leave it for 15 mins in the strainer

Meanwhile, Cut three different kinds of mushrooms.

Place all the ingredients, the rice, and mushrooms in the rice cooker or a pan w a lid.

Add Dashi and the sauce mix and cook. (If you like the softer texture of rice, pour a bit more additionally)

If you are using a pan, cook with low heat for about 25~40 (depends on the hardness of rice and power of heat)

Toss Toasted and salted Pine Nuts on the rice and EAT!

It is not loud taste, so it matches many kinds of other dishes.


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