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Sanpo Disco w/ Scott Young

Melbourne, 12.12.19

With Scott Young

A monthly 120 minute slot from the brains behind the Sanpo Disco mix series and Melbourne parties. All the way from up-beat disco escapism through to J-Pop or rose-tinted balearic smooth rock.


  • Andrew Pekler 
  • Walled Garden
    Kaspi & Stride
  • Aaron Dilloway & Emeralds
    Under Pressure III
  • Sa Pa 
  • Meitei, 冥丁 
    Touba = 塔婆
  • John Swana, David Lackner, Mark Price 
    Shades On Shades
  • Pendant
    KVL-LWQ Feat Pontiac Streator
  • John T Gast
    Track 5 (Invocations II)
  • Jan Jelinek 
    Lady Gaga, You Once Said In An Interview That You Write Music For The Fashion Industry: Is Fashion As Important To You As Music?
  • Sa Pa 
    Futurist Meets Cubist
  • Scott Young
    Lonely Only
  • Evitceles 
  • Pole (Imposter
    Melkendie Kuh
  • Theresa Winter
    How Strange Are Bodies
  • Robert ÆOLUS Myers 
    Embrace (Live Version, NYC 1987)
  • Leif 
  • Gramm 
    Type Zwei
  • Organic Dial
    Dayglow Equaliser
  • Februari
    Tien December Negentientact
  • Seefeel 
    Spangle (Autechre Remix)
  • Ewah & The Vision Of Paradise 
    Good Bye