Live now

Sanpo Disco w/ W&W

Melbourne, 30.01.17

A monthly 120 minute slot from the brains behind the Sanpo Disco mix series and Melbourne parties. All the way from up-beat disco escapism through to J-Pop or rose-tinted balearic smooth rock.


  • Steven Brown
    China Town
  • Burden Of The Beat 
    Computers Tell
  • The Pool 
    Heavenly Voices
  • Bang The Party 
    Jacques Theme (Main Mix)
  • Frank Youngwerth 
    Whirr (Atmospheric)
  • Ferrari 
    Samba This (Vocal Mix)
  • XTC 
    No. 3 Egyptian Solution
  • 400 Blows 
  • Johnny Dynell 
    Jam Hot Money (Rubber Money Mix)
  • Burden Of The Beat 
  • Norman Salant 
    Europe After Dark
  • Steven Brown 
    Samba In The Subway
  • Jean Pierre Boistel
    Percussions Pour La Danse
  • Sui Zhen
    Holiday Feelings
  • Andrew Thomas Wilson 
    Movement III (River Of Solitude)
  • Ken Davis 
    After The Rain
  • John Elder
    Unknown Track
  • Lunar Ra
    Unknown Track
  • Graeme Gash 
  • John Elder
    Unknown Track
  • Steve Kilbey 
    Memory ©
  • Peter Westheimer & Zoe Carides
    Unknown Track
  • Not Drowning Waving
    Another Pond
  • Hydroplane 
    Please Don't Say Goodbye
  • Lighthouse Keepers
    Torture Road
  • The Reels 
  • Tom Kazas
    Unknown Track