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Le Jardin w/ Sarah Davachi

Los Angeles, 14.03.22

With Sarah Davachi

Sarah Davachi serenades the LA airwaves once a month with Le Jardin - an amalgamation of Prog, Kraut, & Minimal Sympathetic Sounds..

Artwork: Bill Stone - Stone LP cover


  • Eno 
    Another Green World
  • Eno 
    Sombre Reptiles
  • These Trails 
    Psyche I & Share Your Water
  • D.R. Hooker 
    Forge Your Own Chains
  • Carman Moore 
    Love Conquers
  • Lazy Smoke 
    Am I Wrong?
  • Bill Stone
    Charlotte's Town
  • Theater Of Eternal Music
    Untitled Performance, 1963
  • Relatively Clean Rivers 
  • Relatively Clean Rivers 
    Last Flight To Eden
  • Witch
    Strange Dreams
  • Ashley Bellouin & Ben Bracken
    Strung Strings (Excerpt)
  • John Lennon-Oh Yoko!