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Sasha Crush

New York, 05.10.23

Monthly mixes by Sasha Alcocer, a native New Yorker with good taste. Her love for dancing informs what she plays, so be ready for some disco, soul, synth-pop, funk, freestyle & more. She is also a full-time student, artist, and founder of curatorial project CRUSH ( Photo Credit: Morgan Maher


  • 0:01:57
    Virna Lindt 
    Wild Strawberries
  • 0:05:32
    Time In Motion 
    Stay With You
  • 0:09:20
    Bruce Haack 
    Untitled 3
  • Loui$ 
    Pink Footpath
  • Maraschino 
    Chelsea Smile
  • Space 
    Magic Fly
  • Cellophane 
    Music Colors (Part 3) (The Original From 1984)
  • Christalli Liquidi
    Volevei Una Hit
  • Clio 
  • Lama 
    Love On The Rocks
  • Vera 
    Baby Won't You Dance With Me