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Séance Centre

Ontario, 15.09.21

Canadian record label, publisher, and distributors Séance Centre conjure timeless music from the past, present, and future.

In the background the record cover of The Cat's Meow – Ain't You The Cat's Meow


  • Diaz Bros. Plus One 
    Life Of A Fool
  • Unknown Thai
  • Tule Tegasi
    Il Pool
  • Christopher Banks
    That’s Life
  • Jack & Kathy Henderson
    My Last Year
  • Monica Behan 
    A Reason
  • David Gonzalez
    Her Love Is Like Sometimes
  • The Spectrums
    Keepin’ On
  • The Dreamers
    Love Will Find You
  • Leon Meau 
    My Mind
  • Dean Richard 
  • Cat’s Meow
    Maybe You Can Fly
  • Leon Meau 
    My Mind
  • Dave James 
    Wheels Go Round
  • Peter Roos 
    I En Förändrad Värld
  • Michel 
    Ocean World
  • Palm Pizazz 
    Deliver Me