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Séance Centre w/ Phuk Hugh

Ontario, 01.04.20

Canadian record label, publisher, and distributors Séance Centre conjure timeless music from the past, present, and future.


  • Daddi Fro Yo
    Pon De Yogurt
  • Florb
    Flib Flob
  • Loon CCrew
    Str8 Loony
  • Justin Yoke
    Elegant Windz
  • Frederic Ulser
    Fruitopia Boogie
  • Daddy Spicy
    Jalapeño Cheese
  • Cheb Cheb
    What Cheb?
  • William Topping
    Doing A Smile
  • Susan Smith
    Living, Laughing, Loving
  • Kyle Smokehouse
    Whisky & A Beer
  • Jeffery Saloon
    Hey Y’all
  • Gleb Kyotop
  • Guelph Assualt
    How’s It Goin?
  • Don Stephenson
  • Sophie Rolex
    Dont Touch Me
  • Major Big Flexx
    You Can Wine If You Want To
  • Mr. Hot
    Secret Dip
  • Telex 
    My Time
  • J-Zone 
    Pimpin Ronald