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Séance Centre w/ Akash Bansal

Ontario, 31.03.21

A slow burning candle for nts


  • Laura Allan With Paul Horn
    As I Am
  • Sally Townes 
    Slow Burning Candle
  • Black Sabbath 
    Planet Caravan (Alternative Lyrics)
  • Santana 
    Aqua Marine
  • Seals And Croft
    High On A Mountain
  • Dave Plaehn
    For You (I’d Undo Anything)
  • JoAnn Tardy
    Magic Man
  • Mike Welsh
    Dickie Blues
  • Bevan Gore-Langton 
    Silver Cloud
  • Philip John Lewin 
    Diamond Love
  • Gary Lawyer 
    Garden In The Rain
  • Lins & Ford 
    Lazy Day
  • Jim Mosey And Futures Past 
    Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'