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Self and Other: Conversations in the Smoke

Bristol, 10.03.21

‘That charming time of year. It starts with a walk through the crunch crunch crunch in the early hours ice to the butchers, a Christmas temp job. Walking past off licenses, fish and chip shops, laundrettes — all closed; it’s an encounter with memories while the gradual disenfranchisement of one idea transforms into the attractive start of another; Orlando; an analysis of the vast chiller and the vast historical warehouse; looking at a painting; docks and the river. A picaresque of chillers. Journeys along lengths and lengths of brittle cold shelving units, buckling under the weight of the boxes they hold in the outskirts of cities, beside motorways, behind shops. A reckoning with the supermarket vis-à-vis ourselves and our quotidian.'

George Leith - Cold Storage - (2020)


  • Satoshi Ashikawa 
    Still Space
  • Robbie Warin
    Notes On The M32
  • Juana Molina 
    Cálculos y Oráculos
  • Robbie Warin
    Field Recordings From Under The M32
  • Robbie Warin & Harry Reddick
    Potholes, Chasms, Before (Read By Harry Reddick)
  • Melanie Velarde 
    NYC Files
  • Aphex Twin 
  • Blake, Alan Bates, Yvonne Bonnamy, William Devlin, Richard Johnson, Richard Marquand, Peter Orr 
  • P J Harvey 
    Horses In My Dreams
  • Robbie Warin
    Crows At 5am
  • Dean Bunt
    As Long As Ropes Unravel Fake Rolex Will Travel
  • Lauren Elkin
    Flâneuse (Excerpts) (Read By Hannah Pezzack)
  • Garnette Cadogan
    Walking While Black (Excerpt)
  • Harry Reddick
    Towards Rembrandt
  • Nashpaints 
  • Joe & Katie
    Zootin’ And Tootin’ (Fragments)
  • Harry Reddick
    Late Night ARTIS Walk
  • Mark Fisher
    Introducing Laura Oldfield Ford’s Savage Messiah (Read By Harry Reddick)
  • Harry Reddick
    Bev In The Lab
  • Heith 
    Mud Queen
  • Bills Buddy
    Man Walking At Night (Freesound.Org)
  • Galactic President
    Neighbourhood Walk Night Drizzle (Freesound.Org)
  • Natalia Beylis
    The Sunken Hum (Fragments Of Rhythm And Drones Side 1)
  • Jake Muir 
    Reservoir Of Memory
  • Roofusj
    Steady Rain In The City (Freesound.Org)
  • Eyecandyuk
    Police Siren Tokyo (Freesound.Org)
  • Meitei
  • Jorge Luis Borges
    Break Of Day (Read By Harry Reddick)
  • Meitei
    Love: A Blind Masseuse And A Woman (Read By Harry Reddick)