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sendspaace w/ Boe Strummer

Manchester, 16.07.17

With Boe Strummer

Jamie Hudson brings a monthly hour of hyper-terrestial, futuristic sounds straight from the information superhighway.


  • Boe Strummer
    Guest Mix
  • Æthereal Arthropod 
    Inner Insect
  • Hodge 
    A Break In The Building
  • Mobb Deep 
    [The Grave Prelude]
  • Meyers
    Inhaler II
  • Bjork
    Crying [BFTT’S Its Ok To Cry Edit]
  • Microbear
    Tardigrade Is The Future Of Mankind
  • Kazuma Kubota 
    Solitary Butterfly
  • Bug Bus Piano 
    Negative Turning Point In Someone's Life
  • Alley Catss 
  • Nuno Canavarro 
  • TLLS
    Raising Of Tower Bridge Recorded From Inside The Bascule Chamber
  • Oliver Coates