Live from Chengdu w Luca

Shanghai, 10.11.19

Based in Chengdu, Luca is a member of "Syncopation". She wishes to deliver progressive emotions through her music, to reconcile the world with herself and her audience.


  • Nhii ( Señora mix )
    Kasbah De Tarouriert (Señora Remix)
  • Bogdan Draži
    House Of Thwomp (Dmitry Distant Remix)
  • Leonor
    Melodia Cosmica
  • NullVoid, Dave Gahan
    Where I Wait (Feat. Dave Gahan)
  • John Parsley
    Monday Talk
  • Back From The Wave
    Les Nuits
  • WLDV
    Blind Dead
  • Andrem
    Vendetta (Teniente Castillo Remix)
  • Kairos
    Lost In Orion (Corresponsal Remix)
  • Tyu ( Bawrut mix )
    Bailando (Bawrut Remix)
  • Niv Ast
    Generally Alone

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