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Live From Shanghai: MAU MAU

Shanghai, 28.02.21

Elevator club music director and MEDUSA resident Mau Mau mixes up some of his favorite things to listen to.


  • Wata Igarashi 
    Flow II
  • Unknown
    Line 3 Metro To Baoshan, Tues Afternoon
  • The Persuader 
  • Analogue Tara
    Density And Surface
  • Michael Cignarale
    She Takes Me Over (Knopha Remix)
  • Håkan Lidbo 
  • Critical Rhythm 
    An Illusion
  • Truncate 
    Wave 1
  • Moby 
    All That I Need Is To Be Loved (MV)
  • Mike Grant (Mr. G mix) 
    The Struggle Of My People (Mr. G's There's Hope Mix)
  • Round One (Chez Damier, Ron Trent mix) 
    I'm Your Brother (Chicago's Twisted Mix)
  • Cleveland 
  • Rei Harakimi
    Double Flat (Max 404 Mix)
  • USG 
    Ncameu (Sky, Rain & Earth Element)
  • V.R. Volvox 
    Vibration 194,18 Hz
  • Alex Kassian 
    Hidden Tropics Revisited