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Shape w/ Peder Mannerfelt

London, 26.10.16

With Peder Mannerfelt

SHAPE is a Creative Europe-supported platform for innovative music and audiovisual art that unites 16 innovative music festivals, including CTM, Unsound, TodaysArt, Rokolectiv and many more. Each year, the festival curators choose 48 strong artists/musicians and showcase them throughout Europe and beyond.


  • Sophia Loizou 
    Order Of Elements
  • Skirt 
    In The Meadow Under The Stars
  • El Perro Del Mar 
    Walk On By
  • Karen Gwyer 
    Meiosis Gametes
  • Machine Woman
    Graham My Friend So What
  • Caterina Barbieri
    81 Times Close To You
  • Avalon Emerson 
    Glider Gun
  • Ectoplasm Girls 
    Papa's Nightmare
  • Isabella 
  • Glasser
    Shape (Kowton Remix)
  • Klara Lewis 
  • DJ Willow 
  • Nina Kravitz
    Don't Mind Wrong Keys
  • Sissel
    Tricky Question Why
  • Spinee 
    Man Eaten By Dog
  • Moniek Darge 
    Turkish Square