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$hit and $hine w/ Peter Rehberg (Editions Mego)

Austin, 21.09.19

With Peter Rehberg

Craig Clouse's genre-bending project Shit and Shine hijacks the NTS airwaves on a monthly basis. Tune in on a Saturday evening for an hour of audio felonies spanning everything from post punk to dirty electro, techno or new wave.


  • Renaldo & The Loaf 
    A Street Called Straight
  • Oto Hiax 
  • Thomas Brinkmann 
    Günne (Irmscher) BO (Möhnesee / D)
  • Dome 
    To Speak
  • Dino Spiluttini 
    Weakened Centurion
  • First Tone 
  • Finlay Shakespeare
    Nothing Ends
  • Jan Werner Feat. Mark E. Smith
    VS Cancelled