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$hit & $hine

Austin, 05.09.16

With Shit And Shine

Craig Clouse's genre-bending project Shit and Shine hijacks the NTS airwaves on a monthly basis. Tune in on a Saturday evening for an hour of audio felonies spanning everything from post punk to dirty electro, techno or new wave.


  • Unknown Artist
  • The Bristols 
    Who Does She Think She Is?
  • Music From
    Napolean Dynamite
  • Nhk Koyxen
  • Music From
    Napolean Dynamite
  • Grace Jones 
    Private Life
  • Loose Joints 
    Is It All Over My Face?
  • Iggy Pop 
    New Values
  • Golden Teacher
    Cheeky Unofficial $&$ Rework
  • Music From
    Napolean Dynamite
  • Shit And Shine
    Lil Wannabe Gangsta
  • Steve Moore 
    Deep Time
  • Elektroids
    Midnight Drive
  • Shit And Shine
    Untitled Unreleased
  • Roxy Music 
    The Bogus Man
  • Ace Frehley 
    New York Groove