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Shiva Feshareki Presents: New Forms

London, 19.05.17

With Shiva Feshareki

Shiva Feshareki presents: NEW FORMS - under the bridge

"I once walked under a suburban London bridge and became immediately inspired by its acoustic qualities. In April, I invited a varied group of intuitive musicians to improvise under the brudge in response to its reverberation and the morning happenings of a suburban area. The panning, effects, and sonic movement come from the natural acoustics and real-time microphone techniques. Afterwards, we created a sonic collage of the performance, incorporating some looping and mixing techniques. No other electronic effects were used."

Performed by: Alison D'Souza (viola), Booboo Sianturi (Gamelan instruments), Daniel Potter (slate, balloons, metal poles, hammer), Shiva Feshareki (feet-thumping, metal poles, bricks, balloons)

Produced by: WARSNARE (aka Daniel Potter), Shiva Feshareki & Josh Farmer.

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