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Shiva Feshareki Presents: The LP collection at Odense Music Library, Denmark

London, 09.12.19

With Shiva Feshareki

2hours from Copenhagen is Odense, the central city of Denmark.

The long, dark corridors in the basement of the Odense Public Library, is home to Northern Europe’s largest LP collection -

This title was gained almost inadvertently: As other libraries in Denmark removed LP’s to make space for the rising interest in crime novels in the 1980s, Odense held onto their collection.

I have been commissioned and given free reign over the collection to highlight and present it in new perspectives, for new generations, for new possibilities…

This public archive features pop, rock, electronica, classical, opera, ballet, rnb, soul, new age, and the most fascinating selection of avant garde music from the early electronic era.

For this show I've selected some of my highlights from Odense, and as usual, you will hear the pieces in real-time, as well as with my turntable manipulations which take the pics into new transfigured states.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to the library for commissioning and hosting me, and to Mads Behrendt who guided me through the vast collection.


  • Ralph Lundsten 
    Svit För Elektroniskt Dragspel
  • Global Guarantee Orchestra
    Blood On My Head
  • Shiva Feshareki
    Blood On My Head And Side B Of Ralph Lundsten
  • Ralph Lundsten 
    Svit För Elektroniskt Dragspel
  • Bent Lorentzen
    Introduction Into Sound Manipulation Using Voice (Danish)
  • Joan La Barbara 
    Vocal Extensions
  • Shiva Feshareki
    Joan La Barbara Harmonises With Michel...
  • Michel Genest 
    Crystal Fantasy
  • Svend Christiansen
  • Terry Riley 
    Across The Lake Of The Ancient Word
  • Shiva Feshareki
    Terry And Rune
  • Rune Lindband
  • Shiva Feshareki
    Rune And Mantronix
  • Mantronix 
    Megamix (1)
  • Shiva Feshareki
    Ligeti And Mantronix
  • György Ligeti Performed By Eva Nordwall
  • Bernard Krause
    The NEW Nonsuch Guide To Electronic Music: Vocoder
  • Shiva Feshareki
    Gloria Surviving Real Fucking Good
  • Gloria Gaynor 
    I Will Survive (Extended Regular Mix)