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Shiva Feshareki Presents: New Forms - Gong & Gamelan Sound Bath w/ Cathy Eastburn



Start the year with a restorative and rejuvenating gong bath. Recorded live especially for this show, by musician Cathy Eastburn, hear the rain hitting the studio roof in harmony with the sounds of the gongs and bronze Javanese chimes. These instruments are powerful tools for calming, energising, releasing blockages and reducing feelings of anxiety and anger. After a gong bath many people feel a sense of calm and peace; they feel more connected to the world and to others, and also gain a sense of release and easing of tensions both physical and mental. So sit back and take an hour out of your day to allow the harmonic overtones to untangle your mental knots. To end the show - using her own bespoke turntabling techniques - Shiva Feshareki provides a warped and manipulated version using nothing other than the gong-bath material, with dubplates cut especially for the show. You can experience Cathy’s transcendental gong baths live at Synchronicity Studios in Clapham North, bi-monthly:

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  • Cathy Eastburn - Gong and Gamelan Sound Bath
  • Shiva Feshareki - Cathy’s Gong and Gamelan Sound Bath (“NEW FORMS” manipulation)