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Shiva Feshareki Presents New Forms - Pauline Oliveros Special

London, 02.12.16

With Shiva Feshareki

Focus on Pauline Oliveros

"Deep listening - for me - is learning to expand perception of sounds to include the whole space:time continuum of sound, encountering the vastness and complexities as much as possible. Simultaneously, one ought to be able to target a sound or sequence of sounds, perceiving the beginning, middle and end of them as a focus. Such focus and expansion means that one is connected to the whole of the environment and beyond. My practise is to listen to everything all the time and remind myself when I am not listening. I invite you - to take a moment now - to notice what you are hearing and expand your listening to continually include more."

Pauline Oliveros (1932 - 2016): Composer, improviser, philosopher.