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Silk Road Sounds w/ Sinistarr

London, 12.06.21

Silk Road Sounds is Hong Kong-via-London based record label founded by creative collective Yeti Out. SRS bridges the sonic gap between the East and West, which follows the same trade route the project is named after. Across 60 minutes, the monthly showcase features pioneers of new scenes, and localises the otherwise varied club sounds of Eurasia.


  • Barnaby Bennett & Text Chunk
    Skype Beat
  • Holodec
  • Mite X Young Lyxx
    Untitled (Pill Pill)
  • DJ Fresh, Jay Fay, Ms Dynamite 
    Dibby Dibby Sound (Acapella)
  • Aaliyah feat. Timbaland 
    Are You That Somebody
  • Hefna Gwap
    Yams (Mite Remix)
  • Lil Flip Vs. Dorian Concept
    I'm A Balla Vs. Trilingual Dance Sex
  • Mr. De' 
    Shake It Baby
  • Ghost Mutt 
    Rumble Pak
  • Mite
    Double Cup Drumz
  • Margaret Atwood
  • Zoom & D.B.X. 
    Coming Again (Club Mix)
  • Hi Tom
  • Public Energy 
    Hemi-Sync (Part 1)
  • Leftfield 
    Release Three
  • Lumumba 
    F1 Totoro
  • Too Late Productions
    Ace Of Space
  • DJ Slugo
  • DJ Nasty 
  • Starski & Clutch
    Late Night Freaks
  • Sheefy McFly
    Go N Jit Feat. Lola
  • Greazus
  • Workforce
  • Sinistarr
    I Pop, I Jit [Zed Bias Rmx]
  • Chango, Nikes, Lefty
    High School High
  • Chef Boyarbeatz
    The Mandala Effect [Salva Remix]
  • Goldman
    Who's It Gonna Be
  • Gold Panda
    Reprise [Moondoctor Remix]
  • Ticklish 
    Luna Smile
  • OAKK 
    Public Enemy
  • Sinistarr
  • Peven Everett
    Stuck [Sinistarr 155 Flip]
  • Wheez-Ie
  • PFS
    Fever [Ras G Remix]
  • Brrd 
    Noose Paper
  • Desiigner
    Panda [Iwamizu & Threetos Edit]