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Silk Road Sounds w/ Arthur & Tom Yeti

London, 21.01.23

Silk Road Sounds is Hong Kong-via-London based record label founded by creative collective Yeti Out. SRS bridges the sonic gap between the East and West, which follows the same trade route the project is named after. Across 60 minutes, the monthly showcase features pioneers of new scenes, and localises the otherwise varied club sounds of Eurasia.


  • 南洋派對 N.Y.P.D. (Olivier Cong mix) 
    Gai Gai (Olivier Cong Remix)
  • Thaiboy Digital 
    Yr So Beautiful
  • Mong Tong 
    雲仙 [Yún Xiēn]
  • The Shanghai Restoration Project 
    Dark Horse
  • Gong Gong Gong Blues 工工工
    布魯斯 (Howie Lee Remix)
  • G94
    No Sleep
Meat Computer
  • Charity SsB
    Zuo Ai 做爱
  • 2hollis
    White Tiger
  • Young Yujiro 
  • Dirty K 
    Tokyo Renaissance
  • Puzzystack
  • The Normal 
  • Jolin Tsai 蔡依林
    Gentlewomen 第二性 (Knopha Edit)
  • Munir
    Jinhua Groove Feat. Glint Erastus
  • 超级市场
    04 电视八十四 [音乐会, 1998]