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Silk Road Sounds w/ Jascer (Live from Lhasa Tibet Holy Mountain Festival)

London, 05.08.23

Silk Road Sounds is Hong Kong-via-London based record label founded by creative collective Yeti Out. SRS bridges the sonic gap between the East and West, which follows the same trade route the project is named after. Across 60 minutes, the monthly showcase features pioneers of new scenes, and localises the otherwise varied club sounds of Eurasia.


  • SHE Spells Doom
    Glass Floor
  • Asmus Odsat
    To AT
  • Skinn
  • Dylan Fogarty
  • Intro 
    Transcopyright 909
  • Chris Flannigan
    Drive That
  • Papa Nugs
    145 In A Ford Escort
    Du Coeur
  • Ferdinger 
    Plein Soleil
  • Force Mass Motion 
    Everybody (Lets Go)
  • DJ Physical 
    I Like Dollaz
  • Aban Don 
    Journey To Goa
  • Sam Goku
    play me at pbar
  • Match Box
    Cyber Sunshine
  • Submerse 
  • 很快將會講你知很快將會講你知(Canto
    Unknown Track
  • DJ Physical 
    My Body
  • We Kill Culture
    Thunder Trumpet
  • We Rob Rave & RRRitalin (Ft. Samurai Breaks)
    London Crew (Samurai Breaks Remix)