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Silvia Kastel & Hinako Omori

London, 16.05.22

With Silvia Kastel

Southern Italian producer & dj Silvia Kastel transmits an array of fringe electronics & contemporary club sounds every month.


  • Oliver Coates
    As If My Ears Have Swallowed Light
  • Matmos 
    Flight To Sodom / Lot Do Salo
  • Alene Marie
    Luminous Gulch (With Fanciulla Gentile And Nihar)
  • Yuzo Iwata
    Heroes Show Up Late
  • Matmos 
    Flashcube Fog Wares / Głucha Affera Słów
  • Exotic Cipher
    What DJs Actually Do On Stage (Fake DJs Compilation)
  • Endel & Nailah Hunter
    Celestial Sphere
  • Hinako Omori 
    Spaceship Lament
  • The Flaming Lips 
    The Distance Between Mars And The Earth Part One
  • NOUS, Laraaji And Arji OceAnanda
  • Alice Coltrane With Strings 
    Galaxy Around Olodumare
  • Sun Ra 
    Tapestry From An Asteroid
  • Carmen Villain 
  • Arthur Russell 
    This Is How We Walk On The Moon
  • Colleen 
    Gazing At Taurus - Santa Eulalia
  • Wolfgang Tillmans 
    Can't Escape Into Space
  • Linda Perhacs 
    Song Of The Planets