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S K Y A P N E A w/ Laurie Tompkins

Broken club, dubbed out sounds, experimental electronics and atonal drifts: Gio’s monthly broadcasts are high contrast assemblages that move at a slow pace.


  • Cornelius Cardew, John Tilbury, Michael Francis Duch, Rhodri Davies 
    Song Of Pleasure
  • Azlee, Teresa 
  • Aaron Parker
    51°58'N0°19'E-310515 (Excerpt)
  • Andreas Dzialocha 
  • Ashley Paul
    Weight, From 12
  • Otto Willberg 
  • Laurie & Otto
  • Frank Zappa Orchestra 
    G-Spot Tornado
  • Laurie & Otto
  • Matt Rogers
    Cbsk17 (Raw Take)
  • Jeff Beal
    Main Title Theme, From House Of Cards [Varèse Sarabande] + The Fall - What About Us
  • Yes
    Cluster The Edge
  • Visionst & Fatima Al Qadiri
    The Call, From I'm Fine [Lit City Trax] + The Fall - Pacifying Joint
  • Sam Ridout
    Takte Iii [Forthcoming Slip]
  • Paul McGuire 
  • Oliver Coates & Lawrence Lek
    Slow Dancing
  • Black Zone Myth Chant 
    In The Arms Of The Parcae
  • Laurie Tompkins
    European Bob (Excerpts For Battery-Powered Speakers)
  • Tom Rose & Rian Treanor
    (Excerpt) + Tom Rose - Same Amount In Fivers (Text)
  • Sean C. Stevens 
    Niveus [Atricolor]
  • Joe Snape 
    Brittle Love
  • George Brecht, James Tenney, George Maciunas 
    Exit (Excerpt)
  • Callum Higgins
    Speicherstelle Mk. Ii
  • Kaj Duncan David
    Ghost Story (Excerpt)
  • Unknown
    Father/Son Vocal With Erhu
  • Sam Kidel
    Pascale Is A Bad Boi
  • Leonard Cohen 
  • Beatrice Dillon 
    Face A
  • Chaines
    I Found This (Feat. Oliver Coates)
  • Aaron Parker
    51°58'N1°19'E-290515 (Excerpt)