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The SLAP Pack w/ Indigo Sevyn

Los Angeles, 29.07.20

DJ Kita is a L.A. native and is sure to let that be known through her DJ sets. She teams up with SLAP Media, a music blog founded by some fellow Angelenos who pride themselves as being "L.A.'s ear to the underground", to give you an hour of hard hitting Los Angeles rap music that you didn't know you needed to know.


  • November Rose
    I’m In Love
  • LoVibe
    Down With Ya (Solange Flip)
  • Morgan Sim City
    Space Ghost
  • Billie Holiday Crazy House Joint
    Billie Holiday Crazy House Joint
  • Kristy Harper 
  • DJ Aakmael
    Erykah Badu Window Seat
  • DJ Aakmael 
    13th Mood
  • Flat White Records
    Iner Hold Get Right
  • WaveGods
  • Waajeed 
    Let Your Love
  • Chambray
  • Chaos In The Cbd, Nathan Haines, Dave Koor 
    Emotional Intelligence
  • Nora Zion
    Freakum Dress Bootleg
  • Nate Husser & Dapapa
    Are You Stooped (Dumb)
  • Rohtah XYoung Boda
  • Tygapaw
    Applause Ha
  • DJ Swisha X Ossx
  • DJ Dylan
    Piano Track
  • Bored Lord
  • Ase Manual
    Shake That Thing