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Slow Hand Clutches w/ Melissa Geraghty: into the void

London, 23.06.17

Melissa Geraghty's piece 'into the void' - first presented in Glasgow School Of Art 2017, anchors this episode of Slow Hand Clutches


  • Melissa Geraghty
    Into The Void
  • Piero Umiliani 
    Isola Di Sogno
  • DJ Gwange
    Motionless (Stretched)
  • Siavash Amini 
    Face On The Sand
  • Pascal & Sponge 
    I Got You (Ezee Boy)
  • Chihei Hatakeyama 
    Sad Ocean
  • Gabriel Emde
    In A Landscape (Stretched)
  • Dwight Sykes
    One Night Stand (Stretched)
  • Kast
    Some Memory