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SNO w/ Mxolisi Makhubo

Manchester, 06.02.21

SNO & Mxolisi Makhubo bring you an hour of sonic pan-African revolt selections. Featuting music from South African artists who insisted on being part of the global community, even as the apartheid machinery attempted to erase their connection to the African diaspora and to general pop cultural trends.


  • Harari 
    The Love Of God
  • Carlo Mombelli's Abstractions 
  • Sun-Xa Experiment
  • Phiri
    Madam Please
  • Ben Nomoyi 
    Just Like A Tree
  • Nelson Ngwenya
    If Anybody Asks You
  • Menyaka
    Ke Dumetse
  • Flaming Souls
    Take Five
  • Black Hawks
    Stop And Count
  • Question Marks 
    Cool,Calm & Collected
  • Teenage Lovers
    Deep River
  • David, The Movers 
    New Brighton
  • Flaming Souls
    Naughty Gerry
  • Young Lovers
  • Sons Of Thunder
    Thiba Kamoo
  • Friends
  • Era
    Era Groove