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Solid State Survivor w/ Shags Chamberlain

Los Angeles, 29.06.22

Broadcasting from LA, Shags dives deep into his wild array of records, bringing a strong thematic focus each month.


  • Le Orme 
    Se Io Lavoro
  • Can 
    Return To BB City
  • Jonathan 
    Li Song
  • Eroc 
  • Vangelis O. 
    We Are All Uprooted
  • Eroc 
    Ein Unhöflicher Anfang
  • Jean Michel Jarre
    Equinox 7 + (Live Version China Concert)
  • Jean Michel Jarre 
  • Can 
    Mighty Girl
  • Gary Numan, Tubeway Army 
    Down In The Park (Early Version)
  • Cheb Khalid
    Hadak Aachki Le Oul
  • Chris Hinze
    African Rapness
  • Weather Report 
    Pearl On The Half Shell
  • Azimuth
    Jazz Carnival