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Songs of Experience w/ Lil B

Los Angeles, 23.05.17

With Lil B

Lil B & Theo Bark drive around Skid Row in Los Angeles and chat about the music that shaped The Based God into the artist he is today.


  • Lil B 
    I Seen That Light
  • Lil B
    The World's Ending (Feat. Elliott Smith)
  • Lil B 
    People Over Money
  • Lil' B 
    Chasing the Rain
  • Lil B 
    Birth To Life
  • Lil B 
    Earth's Medicine
  • Lil B 
    Gon Be Okay
  • Lil B
    Prayer To Music
  • The BasedGod feat. Lil B 
    Enter The Depths