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Sonic Liberation Front: Mark Fell

Palestine, 27.05.21

With Mark Fell

In solidarity with Radio Alhara and the people of Palestine, we're broadcasting their ongoing Sonic Liberation Front project, with today’s programming curated by NTS' Felix Raman and Pouya Ehsaei.

The takeover features contributions from Mark Fell, Beatrice Dillon and Laminar Flow, all responding to Alhara’s brief: “the asymmetric relationship between those who give orders & those who must obey is always demonstrated by who controls access to the soundscape”.


  • IVVVO 
    This Is Dog
  • Rabit 
    Bleached World
    BLAAACK (Nashazaphone)
    Assembly (Unreleased)
  • Elia
    Tony (Forthcoming Laminar Flow)
  • Giacomo Fargion
    Tin Legs ( Laminar Flow)
  • S43
    Blu (Unreleased/Forthcoming LF)
    ???? ( Unreleased)
  • Blackhaine
    Richie Culver
    ???? (Generative Excerpt)
  • Of Habit And Dane Law
    Revamp Impact (Opal Tapes)
  • Unglee Izi 
    S.1.W / Securite du Premier Monde _ Tracteur Directrice de L'A.S.M.A.
  • Recital (Where Your Money Ends)
    Cecilia (Halcyon Veil)
  • Giacomo Fargion
    Unreasonable (S43 Alternative Remix)
  • Emptyset 
  • First Crimes
    False Memories (Forthcoming Laminar Flow)
    Liminality (Unreleased)
  • S4MI
    It Was All A Blur (Unreleased)