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Sounds on Screen: Harry Dean Stanton

Kentucky, 28.01.21

A grizzled, quietly powerful presence in innumerable cult films, Harry Dean Stanton was an exemplar of complicated American masculinity. Only really breaking through to the mainstream in his 50s, in 1979's "Alien", Stanton went on to take a starring role in Repo Man and Wim Wender's sprawling road movie Paris, Texas. He was also a frequent collaborator of David Lynch, with Lynch requiring his unique gravitas in six separate projects including 2007's head scratcher Inland Empire. Stanton passed away in 2017, aged 91.

Florence Scott-Anderton pulls together some of the best soundtrack moments from films starring Harry Dean Stanton.


  • David Lynch
    Introducing Harry Dean Stanton Award Ceremony (Edit)
  • Thomas Newman 
    Monstrous Big
  • Kris Kristoferson
    Loving Her Was Easier (Cisco Pike, 1972, Dir. Bill Norton)
  • Alex North
    Wise Blood OST Excerpt (Edit) (1979, Dir. John Huston)
  • Excerpt Wise Blood (Edit)
    (1979, Dir. John Huston)
  • Reel Ten
    The Plugz (Repo Man, 1984, Dir. Alex Cox)
  • Main Title
    John Carpenter (Escape From New York, 1981, Dir. John Carpenter)
  • Excerpt Lucky
    (2017, Dir. John Caroll Lynch)
  • Excerpt Cool Hand Luke (Edit)
    (1967, Dir. Stuart Rosenberg)
  • Tennessee Whiskey
    Harry Dean Stanton
  • Houston In Two Seconds
    Ry Cooder (Paris, Texas, 1984, Dir. Wim Wenders)
  • Excerpt Repo Man
    (1984, Dir. Alex Cox)
  • Excerpt Twister (Edit)
    (Twister, 1989, Dir. Michael Almereyda)
  • Suzanne Vega Ft. Joe Jackson
    Left Of Centre (Pretty In Pink, 1986, Dir. John Hughes)
  • Excerpt Alien (Edit)
    (Alien, 1979, Dir. Ridley Scott)
  • Montage
    Angelo Badalamenti (The Straight Story, 1999, Dir. David Lynch)
  • Harry Dean Stanton
    Reads Charles Bukowski’s Bluebird (Edit)
  • Excerpt The Hotel Room
    (Hotel Room, 1993, Dir. David Lynch)
  • Excerpt Fishtail (Edit)
    (Fishtail, 2014, Dir. Andrew Renzi)
  • Harry Dean Stanton 
    Blue Bayou
  • I Knew These People
    Ry Cooder (Paris, Texas, 1984, Dir. Wim Wenders)
  • Country Theme
    Angelo Badalamenti (The Straight Story, 1999, Dir. David Lynch)
  • Excerpt Partly Fiction (Edit)
    (Harry Dean Stanton Partly Fiction, 2012, Dir Sophie Huber)
  • Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
    Harry Dean Stanton
  • Excerpt Harry Dean Stanton On David Letterman
    23/12/1985 (Edit)