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Soup To Nuts w/ John Gómez

London, 29.11.21

Collector John Gomez brightens up Mondays with some music from different times and different places.


  • Jos Carlos Schwarz
    Na Colonia
  • Lumumba 
    Sing With The Birds
  • You’ll Never Get To Heaven
    Pink And Gold And Blue
  • Duval Timothy, Rosie Lowe 
  • D'agua Negra
    Espelho D'agua
  • Ben Lamar Gay 
    Dress Me in New Love
  • Kareem (Da Maytrix mix) 
    Rumours And Lies (3 A.M.)
  • Shola Ama (Eddison Electrik, Salaam Remi mix) 
    Much Love (Salaam Remi Mix)
  • Nios Indigo
    Calma Todo Va A Pasar
  • Khaled Kurbeh, Raman Khalaf Ensemble 
    Al Baseet
  • DJ F16 Falcon 
    You Make Me Feel So Good
  • Debbie Gordon 
    Tonight Is The Night
  • Cousin 
  • Zen In Space
    You & Me Ft. Neeko
  • Cesaria Evora (Carl Craig mix) 
    Angola (Carl Craig's Remix)
  • Carlos Maria Trindade 
    Em Campo Aberto
  • Suso Saiz
    Watching Walk
  • Photay With Carlos Nio
    C H A N G E
  • Eusèbe Jaojoby 
    Taratasy Maitso
  • Harvey Sutherland
    Jouissance (Adrian Sherwood On-U Sound “Pure Enjoyment” Dub)
  • Tirzah
    Hive Mind Ft. Coby Sey
  • Lady Margaret, Perry Smith 
    Out In Space
  • Javier Santiago
    Dream Ft. Taylor Johnson
  • Sister Irene O’Connor
  • Debbie Gaskin & Eternal Love Combo
    What’s That
  • Debbie Gaskin & Eternal Love Combo
    What’s That (Version)
  • Joakim 
    Zumayyah (remix)
  • Lyroso
    Lyroso (12” Discomix)
  • John Neschling, Nando Carneiro, Wally Badarou 
    Spider Woman Finale
  • Hamid El Shaeri
    Law Konty