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Soup To Nuts w/ Lupini & Kahn

Liverpool, 11.01.22

Keeping Tuesdays a little bit sweet, a little bit sad, a little bit silly.


  • Perko 
  • Salvaticus Selvatico
  • ML Buch
    I’m A Girl You Can Hold IRL
  • The Ordinary
    Catherine Moan
  • Choir Boy 
  • Severed Heads 
    Big Car
  • Gemini 
    Take A Chance On Love
  • Jacaszek 
    To Meadows
  • Aamina Camaari
    Men Are Cruel And Kind
  • Cambodian Space Project
    Whiskey Cambodia
  • Nampheung Boribun
    Orphan Monk
  • Farid Al-Atrash
    Manhermech El Omr
  • Sukia 
    The Dream Machine
  • Nazamba Feat Telly & OBF
    Do Me Right
  • Prince Far-I
  • Mixman 
    Dub Talkin'
  • Trinity 
    Kingston Two Rock
  • King Tubby, The Aggrovators 
    Blessed Dub
  • Llwybr Llethog
    Bwled Dub
  • OBF
    Driver (Gorgon Sound Remix)
  • Lord Crucifix
    Dungeon Playeer 1998
  • Dunkelziffer 
    Keine Python
  • Craze 
    Stop Living In The Past
  • Johnny Dynamite and The Bloodsuckers 
    Bats in The Woods
  • Lo
  • All Night
    Secret Attraction
  • Nadieh 
    The Right To Change
  • Oklou
    Galore (Kahn Remix)
  • Data 
    Living Inside Me